Reverend John Conant BA, MA, DD

18th October 1608 - 12th March 1693

The life of the Reverend John Conant is documented by an entry in the "Dictionary of National Biography" and a book by his second son, who died in 1723. The book was first published in 1823 by the Rev William Stanton, MA.

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The library at Lyndon Hall also has a short, handwritten life of the Reverend Conant and includes in the last but one paragraph:-

" his parsonage house in Gold Street escaped the ravages of the fire, the houses on each side were burnt, this, added to the circumstance of his having that day preached a very impressive sermon, on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and exhorting his congregation to repent and avoid the dreadful wrath of God, made a great and lasting impression on many of them ."

Document from Lyndon Hall