Wedding Photograph

Cecilia Eva Conant, born 13th August 1856, married 7th September 1878,
died 28th March 1933.


The prettily situated village of Lyndon was en fete on Saturday, and all Nature also seemed to have conspired in putting on her brightest garb to celebrate such an auspicious event as the marriage morning of Miss Cecilia Eva the sixth daughter of E. N. Conant, Esq., of Lyndon Hall, to Frederick Gustavus Fowke, Esq., of Lowesby Hall Leicestershire, the eldest son of Sir Frederick T. Fowke, Bart., and the representative of one of the oldest and most honoured families in that county.

The wedding ceremony was fixed for half-past eleven, and punctually at that time the bridegroom arrived and took up his position near the chancel, which was very prettily decorated with magnolias, roses, and other flowers, with his best man (Mr. Curzon, of Lockington Hall). The bride followed,. attended by her eight bridesmaids, and the ceremony was at once commenced by the Rev. H. Berners Upcher, rector of Dingley assisted in the closing prayers by the Rev. F. Orme, MA., rector of the parish, the bride being given away by her father. The Church was crowded during the service by visitors and friends, and on leaving Mendelssohn's Wedding March was excellently played by Mr. R. T. Layton, organist of St. George's. Stamford, while the bride was presented at the door with a handsome bouquet by Mr. Bent, one of the largest of the Lowesby tenantry, and an old retainer of Sir Fredericks family. The bride was attired in a white satin dress' with cuirasse bodice and slashed sleeves trimmed with Brussels lace and orange flowers, a wreath of orange flowers and tulle veil in her hair being a diamond ornament, the gift of Lady Fowke. She also wore a diamond pendant the gift of her father. The bridesmaids - Miss Fowke, Miss Margaret Fowke, Miss Conant, Miss Amy Conant, Miss Eleanor Conant, Miss Catherine Conant, Miss Beatrice Conant and Miss Grace Conant-all wore cream coloured cashmere dresses, with puffed sleeves and ruffs of lace, ornamented with old gold brocades. Their hats were of dark bronze green velvet, trimmed white feathers tipped with gold, and they each carried a bouquet, presented by the bridegroom.. After the ceremony, breakfast was the next order of the day, covers being laid for seventy guests, among whom were Lord and Lady Carbery, the Countess of Bandon, Sir Arthur Hazlerigg, Bart. and Miss Hazlerigg Sir Frederick and Lady Fowke and the Misses Fowke, Sir Hy. Fludyer Bart and Lady Fludyer, the Right Hon. Gerard Noel, First Commissioner of Works, and Lady Augusta Noel, the Hon. W. Evans Freke, Mr. G. H. Finch. M.P. and Mrs. Finch, the Rev. Chancellor and Hon. Mrs. Wales, the Hon. and Rev. A. Stuart and Mrs. Stuart, Major and Mrs. Freer, Mr. Spencer Fowke, Mr. Charles Fowke, Mr. and Mrs. Vandeleur, Mr. and Mrs. Wynn Davies, Miss Proby, Rev. Seymour Neville, Rev. W Conant, and Miss Margaret Conant, Mr. Carzon, Rev. H. B. Upcher, Mr. H Finch, Mr. and Mrs. R. Tryon, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Rev. C. and Miss Boys, Rev. C. and Mrs. Lucas, Rev. Bentley and Mrs. Brown, Rev. P. Dennis, Rev. F. Orme, Mr. Brickendon, the Misses Wingfield, Miss Harrisson, Rev. and Mrs. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Chaplin, &c.

After the breakfast, the Hon. W. Evans Freke proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom, which was suitably responded to by the latter, Sir Frederik Fowke also making an appropriate speech.

The wedding presents were very numerous, consisting of a musical box, Mr. Fowke; pair of gold earrings, Mr Fowke; diamond ring, Mr. Fowke; pearl and turquoise ring, Mr. Fowke ; Swiss carved clock, Mr. Fowke; silver-mounted dressing bag, Mr. Conant; diamond pendant, Mr. Conant; piano Mr. Edward and the Misses Conant; pair of silver lamps, Mr. and Mrs. Vaundeleur; four silver salt-cellars, Rev. F. Oreme; dozen china salt-cellars, Miss H. Williams Wynne; apostle spoons and sugar tongs, Mr. and Mrs. Williams Wynn tea table cover, Miss B. Williams Wynn; photograph album on easel, Mr. G. Fydell Rowley; thermometer, Mr. Fowke; silver-mounted ice pail, Misses Davies; silver-mounted hunting whip, Mr. W. Darbv Griffith; gold and diamond bracelet, Mr. Campbell; silver cream jug, Mr. and Mrs. James Stephen; China tea-kettle, Lady Panucefort Duncombe; China vase, Miss Fitzroy; book slide, Major Fowke; Indian scarf, Rev Seymour Neville; carved ivory jar, the Countess of Bandon; carriage clock, Mr. W. Curzon; ivory back glass, Mr. Jackson; gold and turquoise ring,, Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Rowley; old silver cup. Lord and Lady Francis Cecil; gold crystal locket, Hon Mrs. Forrestor; scotch pearl ring, Baroness Willoughby d'Eresby; silver tea and coffee set, Mr. and Mrs. W.Conant; china vase, Lady and Miss Heygate; silver-mounted claret jug, the servants of Lowesby Hall; old inlaid table and chairs, Miss Proby; small tea set, Rev. C. and Mrs. Whately; set of silver dessert spoons, Mr. J. D. Brown; Egyptian table cover, Mrs. Moore; gold bracelet, Mrs. Ellis; silver cutlet dish, Mrs. Chester; china bowl, Rev. Bentley & Mrs. Brown; marble letter weight, the Earl of Gainsborough; silver tea kettle, Captain and Mrs Robson; horse shoe whip stand, Mrs. Palmer; sewing machine, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Davies; silver-mounted biscuit tin, Mr. Spencer Fowke; dinner service, the tenants and tradesmen of Lowesby; silver gilt sugar basin, Mrs. Freer; Norwegian eider down quill. Mr. Ernest Conant; writing table set, Lady Fowke; Mosaic photograph frame, Lord and Lady Carbery; brougham and horse, Sir Fredk. Fowke; pearl and diamond earrings, Mr. and Mrs. Dawson; old China plates, Mr. Turner; silver mustard pot, the Misses Ward; jacket and vest (Egyptian work), Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Heygate; tea service,. Sir Thos White; silver-mounted claret jug and glass stands, Earl Ferrars; silver salt cellars, Mr. Franks; silver gilt dessert spoons, Mr. Williams; tea service, Dr. Marriott; lustre's, families of tenants and tradesmen of Lowesby; gold and diamond locket, Sir Henry Lady Fludyer; silver clasps, Lady Augusta Noel; ormolu ink stand, Mrs. Arthur Paget; Mosaic photo frame, Lord and Lady Carbery; black and gold table, Rev. C. and Mrs. Lucas; silver necklace, Mr. and Mrs. Hopwood; reading lamp, &c, &c.

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The rather battered, anonymous, newspaper cutting below is in the library at Lyndon.

Newspaper cutting



The happy couple departed from Lyndon Hall at two o'clock for Peterborough, en route for Paris and Geneva, and on leaving were met with the customary storms of slippers and rice, which they encountered amid lusty cheers. On the way were several arches of ever-greens, on which were inscribed, "Health and Happiness", and other devices. The bride's travelling dress was of silk cashmere embroidered in ------ wore a locket set with rubies, diamonds , and emeralds, the gift of Sir Henry and Lady Fludyer. In the evening, a garden party was held in the grounds.

We should not forget to mention that Lowesby Hall is ------ who resided here in 1836, during the absence on the continent of the late baronet, brought his favourite hunter into the dining-room, and jumped him over a five-barred gate, in the presence of a numerous -company, a large fire blazing on the hearth at the time. Lyndon Hall is fine old English mansion, and has a very commanding prospect. Behind the hall stands the Church, consisting of nave, aisles, and chancel, with a tower of four bells, and in the graveyard is a marble tablet on the western wall, with a long Latin inscription, in memory of the Rev. Win. Whiston, A.M., who died here in 1752, and is celebrated as a philosopher, and the translator of the works of Josephus. The well-known Thomas Kirchever Arnold was rector here for many years, and this parish was also the seat of the early labours of the present Bishop Ellicott.